Officeroom Inc.

Officeroom Inc.
began in 2015.

Just like individuals create a wardrobe for themselves, families create a house, rooms and interior for themselves, and art presents itself by way of galleries, mounts and frames, we help create personality and identity with real appeal.

We undertake 2D and 3D design, design of spaces in a visual promotional style to create a sense of connectedness with people, video production for sharing times with others, photography shoots that capture moments, and web design for effortless communication with target audiences.

In creating the new, we build on the past, drawing inspiration from the great creators who preceded us.

“Contemporary” replaced the word “time-fellow” in the 16th century, and that idea of sharing and fellowship with others in the same timespan remains. Our motto is “The now,” and we want to share what’s not yet been seen in the “now”: visuals with character that convey interest, beauty, renewedness, and that take target audiences by surprise.

Our challenge is to deliver marketing that has a finger on the pulse.

we're here to deal with it.